The Best Performers For Your Celebrations

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Due to customer’s constant request, it is then where the Lion Dance Singapore was born last 2002 to cater to their housewarming and opening ceremony events when it was operating a small humble fitness club.

The Expertise Of Lion Dance Singapore

With the expertise in both small and large scale functions, the Lion Dance Singapore takes pride in it. LED Dancers Singapore will do the best in making your gathering a happy one whether you need to welcome the VIPs or bless a newly opened business. The Lion Dance Singapore friendly and professional staff are always willing to answer your lion dance inquiries because of it the topmost services to the customers. The professional performers are looking to deliver an extraordinary experience to customers with our constant efforts to innovate and offer personalized event performances. The Lion Dance Singapore will serve you the best of the abilities so there’s no need to worry if you have last minute requirements because the team makes sure that the event turns out to be a memorable one for your as the host as well as your guests.

Lion Dance Singapore, The Preferred Choice

Identical with the quality lion dance, the Lion Dance Singapore constantly work on suggestions and feedback received from the customers. The customers trust the team for the quality performances even if it struggled with differentiating from the conventional lion dance troupes in Singapore. The team seeks to deliver a concrete experience for and bring cheers to every occasion that calls for an earnest celebration of the accurate best practices in place. To make their opening ceremony stand out from the rest, the Lion Dance Singapore’s pleasure derives from assisting business owners to conceptualize creative ideas. With the extensive resources, experience and network in events and opening ceremonies, the team look to integrate horizontally from being a lion dance troupe to an event organizer. You will be deeply impressed by the attention to details and your guests that you can rest assured at the end of the day with pleasantly surprised by the creativity and inspiration.

The Quality LED Drumming

The stunning ladies delivers LED drumming acoustics accompanied with synchronized LED dance moves because they are trained by world-class Lion Dance Drummers for this performance. The marvelous ladies have been recommending their performance to their other clients because of their performance with more than 100 live shows on stage since inception and event planners in Singapore. For the performance’s ability to capture attention, the high profile international events and product launches favor this distinct performance. For every performance, the team uses only high quality, patented LED technology. The onsite engineering support is available or faulty LED equipment and the LED equipment boasts of an up-time of 99.8% will be swapped out for serviceable equipment during pre-performance checks for LED drumming performance.

A big occasions such as Chinese New Year or Mid-Autumn Festival for good luck, the lion dance is a traditional Chinese dance performed by martial arts schools as it is believed that the lion is an auspicious animal.