Game of chess helping the kids

Trying to teach adaptation to situations

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If having the knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses is one part of the story to win a situation, having an idea about the opponent’s views and planning is also necessary. This is what the website is trying to teach the kids. But, as a matter of fact, such great sentences and meanings cannot be induced into the little brains of the kids. They need to have a greater understanding capacity when it comes to these kind of teachings. But, the problem is that these kind of teachings have to be inculcated into the brains of the people from earlier stages itself so that the child will practice these methods and grow up to be a perfect man. Therefore, the website has chosen to teach the kids this particular tactic through games. Here is an insight of the game which it adopted in order to teach the kids:

check your status in the game


The Game of chess helping the kids to keep a check on the strengths of the enemies and plan your moves accordingly:

In the game of chess, it is all about carefully waiting for the other person to make the move and moving your pawn according to the moves of the other person. In most of the games it is sufficient if you check your status in the game and keep playing safe. But, it does not work that way when it comes to the game of chess. You will have to keep a check on the opponents strengths and weaknesses a well and you have plan your move simultaneously.

Sometimes, there is also a situation where you might have planned your move but you will have to change your mindset and adapt to the playing scheme of the other people. Here your pre-planned moves will not play a role and you will have to keep quickly changing your mindset and you will have to quickly keep coming up with new plans as such.

In the same way, when it comes to life, you cannot always stick to what you would like to do. It sometimes has to keep changing according to the situation. In the same way, you will have to keep updating and refreshing your brain always and train it to adapt itself to any kind of harsh situations that it might encounter. This is what chess tries to portray in a larger sense.