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Lie detection tests are based mainly on the polygraph. But some experts do feel a strong requirement of some other techniques that can be a better improvement to the already existing one. A single test cannot be a bright idea to hang a criminal by law. There is a need for comparison and the match of the results. Such a thought has brought many of the other techniques that can act as the best supplements to the already existing lie detection procedures.



The polygraph testing under the Lie Detector Test limited is done by involving the investigation services who are involved in many crime handling cases. The investigators just do not decide whether the person is speaking a truth or a false statement. Repeated tests are done and the use of polygraph gives the conclusion. None of the cases are given a final conclusion without a scientific base. So, the company also works the best to support the motive of the private investigations.


Besides polygraph, there are many other techniques that can also be used for the purpose of lie detection. Some of the techniques are as follows:

  1. The event-related potentials-this test is related to the recognition and not wholly to judge the deception. The recognition is based on the pattern of using P3 amplitude waves. But, P100 amplitudes are considered to be a better option to handle better trustworthiness. ERP is also a popular technique because it can give an easy recognition platform.
  2. Voice stress analysis-This one of the notable techniques to decide how deceptive a person can be. This technique uses computers which can put a comparison of the pitch, frequency and also micro tremors. This is a special technique that can be used in many companies especially in the banking and the insurance centers to decide whether the customer is speaking the truth or not in the case of debt repayments. But according to some experts, this technique has no base because they say that the signals over the phone are already heavily distorted by the interference of noises and it can never be a perfect idea to judge the mentality of the customer.
  3. Functional magnetic resonance imaging– this is one of the popular methods which is used to detect lies. The imaging pattern shows how the oxygen is used in the brain. The portion of the brain which uses more oxygen represents the better thinking capability. This study is called the BOLD hemo dynamic response. A polygraph is used to study the peripheral nervous system but this technique is used to determine the source. The process of a lie generating stream can be seen by using this technique in the form of the images which can be determined by the increased prefrontal and parietal activities of the lobe. This is one of the best scientific ways to determine how much lie is being told.
  4. Nonverbalbehavior– though this is not a popular method of lie detection, yet it can help to some extent. The technique that is used here is the use of the Silent Talker Lie Detector which records the micro expressions. The spontaneous micro expressions are integrated to give a better form and then such a report is studied to decide whether the person is telling a lie or a truth.

All the above-discussed lie detection procedures have been thought of as the best way to confirm the results that are decided by the already existing polygraph method. It is a fact that we cannot stick to only a particular method for a long time. This can be a dreadful one if ever the chances of the answer become a negative one in the coming days, the scientists are thinking about bringing new innovative ideas in the fields of lie detection tests to lower the burden on behalf of the nation.