spikes for Home Security

Anti Climb prickle spikes for Home Security

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With the drastic increase of theft and robbery, people nowadays are more concerned about security for their property. Security of property tops the priority list of the humans. Everybody wants their beautiful garden, ravishing lawn and peaceful house to be safe and secure. Nobody welcomes intruders. In order to make all the above mentioned places safe there is a measure which needs to implemented. The wall and fences should spikes. Spikes would not allow any unwanted things to enter your property with you knowing, and you can get best quality fence spikes and wall spikes from www.insight-security.com .this website has number of good quality which promises to keep your garden, lawn and house safe from theft. After using it your walls would no more be used a way to breach into your property rather it will work as a security guard to your property. Since there are numbers of products available on the website sometime you may find difficult to choose the best one. One of the best products available on the site is Anti Climb prickle spikes.

Anti Climb prickle spikes

Anti Climb prickle spikes

Anti climb prickle spikes are specially made to be fixed on walls. These spikes can be fixed on top of the wall as well as one side will cover the sides of the wall. These spikes are made as a right angle; it allows easy and quick installation to the side and side of the fence or wall. Since its spikes face upwards and outward it produces double effect.

These spikes are formed with rugged polypropylene. To make your work easy these spikes already have 8 holes for fixing it. 4 holes along the top surface and 4 holes along the side face. Screws can be uses to tight hem up and fix them.

Each strip of this product is 45mm long, 30mm wide and 24mm high. The height of each spike is 16mm. however, the color available is only one and that is stone color.

If you want to buy 1 strip of these spikes, each strip is going to cost you 1.60 dollars plus tax. The price remains same until 24 strips. If you want to buy more than 24 strips and less than 1000 strips then the price of each strip will be 1.48 pounds plus tax. Moreover, if you more than 100 strip you can call on 01273475500 and get the details.

Product review

The users are fully satisfied after getting a hand on this product. Users found out that it works perfectly and keep unwanted things out. Also these are easy to install and performs its work in a perfect manner.

So, what are you waiting for, go and grab it and make your garden, house, or lawn a safer place.