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The Macujo Method, Helping You Pass With Flying Colours

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The popularity of marijuana as a recreational drug is slowly gaining popularity because of its legalization in some states in the US. This means that more and more people have easier access to the euphoric drug. While its legalization might be a step toward an alternative medicine and social acceptance, in a work-only point of view, using the drug is still prohibited. This is why some companies still screen their would-be employees as well as do random drug tests every now and then. Some have it lucky and pass the test, some don’t. Especially when they’re faced with a pot smoker’s drug testing nightmare, a hair follicle test.

hair follicle drug test

This type of drug test is very well known among the cannabis community. Even the seasoned smokers get chills down their spines when they know that they’re going to undergo a hair follicle exam. Why? Because this specific drug test is one of the hardest to pass. There are only a few documented ways to pass it. The one with the highest probability is called the Macujo method. If in any case you are about to have a drug test, specifically the hair follicle test, you might want to learn about the Macujo method so you can say afterward “I passed my hair follicle test with the macujo method”.

The drug test cannabis users dread the most

Before knowing what the Macujo method is, you have to at least have an idea about the hair follicle drug test and why is it the bane of every pot smoker. The hair follicle test was supposedly meant to be done on people who are suspected of using illegal drugs such as cocaine and meth. Nowadays, it is also done to find out if you’ve smoked a blunt or not.

Unlike your regular drug test for marijuana wherein the lab looks for traces of THC, the hair follicle test spices things up a bit by NOT looking for traces of THC. Instead, the lab tries to look for its metabolite, THC-COOH.

It only takes that much to know

If in any case you’re wondering how the lab tests you, they will get a hair sample; more specifically 1.5 inches. And what can that 1.5 inch hair sample show the lab. Oh, only just around 90 days worth of information. That’s roughly around 3 months worth of history. This means that if you have had marijuana for at most, 3 months, the lab can detect it.

How can you “delete” the history?

Knowing that you will undergo a hair follicle test might be a bit nerve wracking. Hey, even the seasoned smokers still get the chills too. It’s because there’s no real solution to it, except for maybe the Macujo method. Forget home remedies since they’re virtually ineffective. Also forget about planning on removing every strand of hair on you since it will make you look guilty, not to mention funny.

The only probable way to pass the hair follicle exam is by doing the Macujo method. It involves using hair follicle detox shampoo, mixed with other chemicals and rinsing over and over and over again. Why the Macujo method? It is probably the only legitimate and most well documented. With a success rate of 90%, the Macujo method may just well be your only chance at passing that exam. The other 10% that didn’t pass probably read the instructions wrong or were too stoned to figure it out.