Faster Internet

What Telecom Businesses Have to Do Before 5G Comes

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A few years ago, 4G was the state of the art when it comes to wireless internet. It was the fastest and most advanced form of mobile internet available at the moment. Now, the internet has advanced yet again and 5G is well on its way to be incorporated in your mobile phone usage. Telecom companies like TalkTalk need to need to adapt to the new form of internet. You can read reviews of TalkTalk here. We would like to explain how these companies try their best to adjust their services to 5G internet.

Faster Internet

5G internet will, according to research be 10 to 100 times faster than the internet that we have now, 4G. Therefore, web pages and apps will load faster than data loaded Faster Internet by a 4G internet connection. That means that telecom providers have to adjust their internet accordingly. Some of them already have done so by making use of broadband connections. Broadband internet is often faster than internet connections created by a normal wire. Therefore, telecom providers have to focus on faster connectivity.

Low Power Consumption

When it comes to mobile phones, we keep asking more and more of our batteries. While the battery of a normal mobile phone to do almost a week without charging, most people have to charge their smartphone every day or at least every other day. The cause of that is that our smartphones have a lot more functions than just calling and texting. We play app games, use mobile navigation, search the internet on the go and send messages to friends and family members. Therefore, the demand for low power consumption will grow. Telecom providers have heard that demand and provide internet connections and other services that don’t take their toll on our battery. We have also become more environmentally friendly when it comes to our televisions and computers. Screens adjusted with LED-light and decoders that won’t use much power have to be introduced.

Faster Internet

Smart Home Solutions

5G will also support smart home solutions, even in the most remote areas. CCTV Security, smart doorbells, smart heating and smart lighting often make use of wireless or wifi internet and demand a steady connection from a telecom provider.

Multiple Devices

Many people have a laptop, computer, tablet and smartphone. The challenge of telecom providers is to make the user sessions portable between these devices. That means that, when you power up your laptop, you are able to pick up where you left off when you were working on your tablet. The interfaces should, therefore, be connected to a user and not to a particular device. Settings, documents, internet history, app games and other personal details should come with you when you transfer from one device to another.


Television is oldfashioned. Now, people like to watch their favourite series whenever and wherever they want. Streaming services are a hot topic and many people already use this way of watching television. Some of them don’t even have normal cable television. Streaming also requests faster download speeds to be provided by telecom companies.

So there are quite a few things that telecom businesses have to do if they want to be ready for 5G internet.