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Travelling is addictive. Some people travel for purpose, some for fun, some for education, and some for refreshment. Travelling always energizes you to continue your routine work.Before travelling, one must research about what to do there, what not to do and most importantly what must to do. It means whenever you travel you must google about the specialities that should not be missed. This is more significant when you are travelling without a guide.

So are you planning your next trip to Singapore? If not then think about it. I can give you enough reasons to visit Singapore. Some of them are:

  • The mouth-watering food: (Here you can find amazing mix up of Flavours from its neighbours like Malaysia, Indonesia and China. It is heaven for sea food lovers.)
  • Have some green experience: (Watch giant super trees lined up with solar cells.)
  • Rooftop bars mixed with traditions
  • Shoppers Paradise (Haji Lane, Singapore)
  • The sport at night: (Watch Formula1 night race)
  • Get the hottest new hotels

Single most reason that attracts tourist all round the world is its food.  If you are in Singapore, already enjoyed nearby areas, now you are tired and looking for some place to relax and have some meals, then take out you cell phone and type Your search for food is over.

FoodGem is a blog that tells about Food, Travel and Lifestyle in Singapore. It is blog about food review. It began in early 2016. The author of the blog is Rachel Chua. Sheis a lover of food and travel and started blogging because of it.She calls herself food enthusiast.

The team of Foodgem go to various places and surf for places that are gems in the field ofFood or Travel or Lifestyle. Places where the team enjoys heavenly cooking styles or interesting and unique travel and lifestyle journeys are then posted on the blog to share with other readers. The main objective of this blog is give best experience of Food, Travel and Lifestyle to anyone who visits Singapore.

The best thing about FoodGem is that it is an independentfood review blog. It is not affiliated to any organisation or any management institute. It is a standalone blog. Here you can find best foods and places of Singapore.

So no need to worries, just pack your bags and take a trip to Singapore along with Foodgem and enjoy best foods and places. Explore Singapore.