Regular Massage Therapy

Lay Back, Relax, Enjoy: What Can Regular Massage Therapy Do For You?

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Going for regular massage therapy sessions has amazing benefits that go beyond the immediate relaxation you experience during and right after a visit to your favorite Massage Spa. The compounded effects of intermittent treatments provide your body with well-being that encompasses both physical and emotional aspects.

Below are but a few of them.

Eases Muscle Spasms

Poor posture, heavy and improper lifting, as well as lack of physical activities, put a strain on the back muscles causing them to be stiff, tense and cramped. These factors lead to muscle spasm and pain.

Massage techniques can effectively loosen muscle knots, relax and lengthen the muscle fibers and develop flexibility. As massage also increases blood flow to these muscle groups, oxygen and essential nutrients are delivered thereby reducing swelling and stiffness.

Improved Posture

Bad posture is caused by the continuous tightening and spasms of the neck and back muscles. As these muscle groups are massaged, knots are loosened and stiffness is assuaged allowing the body to get back into its natural form and alignment.

Stimulates Blood Flow

As pressure is exerted on muscles and connective tissue, blood is directed towards areas that may not be adequately supplied due to congestion or immobility. The act of releasing the pressure facilitates the entry of oxygen-rich blood into the organs and tissues affording them oxygenation and nutrition.

In addition, the rhythmic compression and release unleash accumulated lactic acid in swollen muscles improving the lymphatic system’s drainage of toxins away from the body’s internal organs.

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Deeper and Easier Respiration

It is important to be mindful of your breathing. Constant stress and anxiety cause consistent shortening and tightness of the muscles around the heart and lungs limiting their expansion and contraction.

This becomes a vicious cycle as the muscle tightness that results in rapid, short and shallow breathing is a major factor in the body’s inability to reach a state of relaxation due to the lack of oxygen coming into the cells.

Stress Relief And Relaxation

Constant stress can cause innumerable physical (headaches, chest pains, hyperacidity, hypertension) and emotional (depression, anxiety, phobias) symptoms.  Stress can also exacerbate the symptoms of illnesses an individual is afflicted with.

Massage therapy undoubtedly brings forth a feeling of relaxation and can increase the levels of your feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine resulting in tranquility and uplifted mood. It also lowers blood cortisol (stress hormone) levels allowing the body to enter a state of serenity. It also regulates stress-related functional abnormalities like tachycardia ( increased heart rate) and hypertension. With a buoyant disposition and improved cardiovascular functions, stress becomes easier to manage.

Aside from there being available massage techniques that relax and lengthen the muscles that constrict these vital organs, the calming effect of a good massage encourages slow, deep, and natural breathing patterns.