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Fashionable, contemporary interior – what does it mean and how to arrange it?

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Fashionable, contemporary interiors are usually arranged in accordance with current trends. Interiors of flats can be interesting and modern, yet stylish. All you need is a good combination of the functionality of the interior and the current trends. Learn some tricks of the best contemporary interior designers in London from the top interior design company and get a fashionable interior of your own!

Contemporary house design in the UK

Contemporary house design in the UK is often associated with minimalism, simplicity, open space and new forms. In addition, more and more often contemporary interior design, called a décor, uses many other styles, opposite and different in every form, and contrasts them with modernism. A good example can be usingantiques, vintage furniture, taking up the issue of recycling, as well as the widely understood use and adaptation of historic buildings. The term décor contains a multitude of principles and functions based on many currently fashionable trends.

interior design

Contemporary interior – what does that mean?

When we think: contemporary interior design, we often come up with specific solutions, most often used materials, companies offering designer furniture, everyday objects or popular interior designers and architects. Fashionable interiors in which modernity takes on a different form – it can break stereotypes or be partly based on them, it may deviate from the accepted rules, it may surprise you with simple solutions or a completely abstract visions. This approach is aimed at arousing the human imagination, evoking emotions, breaking borders or changing your perceptions to important and less significant matters. Like art. But is there something more hidden behind it?Yes. Modernity encourages reflection and dialogue. It is not just a nice object or interior, which at the moment is considered “fashionable” and advertised only so that everyone will be delighted and would also like to have “it” in their immediate surroundings. The important question is: what is “this” for us? Why do we want to have contemporary interiors?

Contemporary interior =  harmony

When decorating the interiors of flats, remember to do it primarily in accordance with what you like. If you arrange the interior in a modern style with expressive colours and patterns, but you really like the classics – you will not feel good living in it. And this is what you should keep in mind when designing the interiors of flats.Today, it is not the most important to simply “have”, “buy” or “insert” furniture into the flat according to what dictates interior design trends. Quickly, without thinking, just to be “fashionable”. Therefore, do not be surprised if you feel strange in our home, and fashionable interiors seem cold and lifeless. You can’t really expect too much if you arrange your flat or house according to someone else’s idea of what’s “fashionable”, recreating pictures from a catalogue, completely without commitment.

Mixing trends

We have been able to observe the“return to nature”trend in the interior design for several seasons now. The interiors of the flats are dominated by natural stone, wood or raw walls of decorative concrete. When arranging a fashionable, contemporary interior of the flat or a house, you should also keep in mind the leading colours. This year they are pastels, with shades of blue. Sapphires, blues and shades of emerald appear in the interiors arranged in accordance with the latest trends of contemporary house design in the UK. However, do not follow the trends blindly. If you don’t like blue, you can add your personal style to your interior by using any colour you like. Remember, contemporary interior is an interior that reflects your personality and gives you comfort.