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Just as there are many types of Carts, there are many types of wheels for them. Equipment that needs to be moved regularly, are generally placed on Carts that are mobile, and sometimes provided with breaking devices. Equipments and devices from household furniture to industrial movable welding machines, Carts, Trolleys, Dollies and Work benches, can all become movable equipments with simple pushing, providing the power for locomotion. Additional hand operated breaks can lock the equipments in place. This reduces the effort in moving such equipment to a minimum, by fixing the necessary sets of wheels under the Carts on which the equipment has been mounted. The Wheels For Carts are now a separate designers accessory and are used widely at home, in the office and in the factory.

Design Features

These Wheels are not ordinary. They are specially designed for a class of equipments that have low load centers and which are mounted, such that the Center of Gravity always travels inside the perimeter of the Wheel base. So the equipments mounted on these Carts are extremely stable. The addition of low profile Caster Wheels render these movable equipments quite stable while in motion. The equipment is no longer prone to toppling. Applications for Domestic Light weight Carts with wheels are of course truly vast for light to medium applications. Polyurethane and Thermoplastic treads provide quiet, frictionless and non-marking travel.


Carrying Carts with high impact, shock absorbing, phenolic, or semi steel construction allow the equipments, as well as the Wheels, to be securely mounted. Mounting all these equipments on Carts with Wheels is a brand new concept. Previously when Wheels were mounted directly on the equipments, this often made designing the exterior of the equipment to accommodate the Wheels, quite a difficult task. These Carts are often additionally rubberized, and together with the specialized construction of the Wheels, provide Shock Absorption to a large degree.

The Best Applications

Wheels For Carts can be used everywhere. In-fact, a significant section of the Manufacturing Industry now specializes in producing accessories like these Cart Wheels and Casters. Enormous amount of research and analysis has finally standardized these wheels as regards with both material and dimensions and style. Of course, quality varies with Manufacturer, but QC Standards and Tests ensure that there are no slip-ups. From Laundry Carts to hotel house-keeping carts, from Computer Carts to heavy industrial models, these Wheeled Carts are everywhere.